Q. What does it mean by the theme Wonderland? 

A, The definition of Wonderland*

1: an imaginary place of delicate beauty or magical charm

2: a place that excites admiration or wonder


Q. Can I enter in more than one Category? 

A. Yes you can enter more than one category, you need to purchase an entry for each category and submit seperate information for each entry. 


Q. Can I enter in more than one Division? 

A. Yes as long as you are eligible to enter.


Q. Does my video entry submission need to be of my performance on the night of competition?

A. No, it does not need to be the same as your competition performance. 


Q. What if I've never competed before and have entered into Aerial Wonderland Intermediate and amateur divisions, and I got accepted into another competition and I placed in or won the other competition. Am I still eligible to perform in the division and category I originally entered? 

A. Yes you are still eligible to perform the intermediate or amateur divisions. Why? - Because when you entered your division and category, it had to be true at the time of entry, as written in Rules and Regulations and in Registration Requirements.