About Us


I started pole at the age of 35 and aerials a couple of years later 
achieved Cert 3 and 4 fitness and Personal training 2010 and Business Management.
Pole Dance, Aerial Arts Business, Events and Company owner.
Currently studying Diploma in Social Media Marketing, Entrepreneurship and New Business
Opened my first studio Bella Bliss Studios in 2010 and my second in 2006
My passion for pole, aerials and dance helped create confident empowering students and performers. I have loved the whole journey. 
I have made life long friends along the way and memories I will cherish forever. 
Mum of 4 and now Grandmum to 3
Staffy and Frenchie mumma and breeder.
My Industry, Competition and Performance achievements
I have choreographed and performed multiple years on every state QLD pole competition stage as a guest performer with some of my students as a dance troupe or doubles with my daughter.
Performed on many QLD Burlesque stages with Big Bang Burlesque as a double with my partner in crime Miss Debbie and as troupes.
Doubles competitor at state Miss Lyra QLD 2017 and 2018 and Nationals NSW with my doubles partner Miss Debbie 2017
 Third place HV Pole Perfection 2017
Miss Lyra showtime with Miss Debbie and Kellie-Anne 2018
First place National Pole Series Championship 2018
National competitor HardCore pole championship 2018
Miss Lyra Advanced Competitor 2018
3rd place HV Pole Perfection 2018
Miss Pole QLD competitor 2018
National solo competitor Pole Champion Series 2019
National competitor doubles with Lilly Pole Champion  Series 2019 
To Date, I recently sold both my studios and now excited for the next adventures with being on the other side of competitions such as building and running Aerial Wonderland, helping studios grow their businesses, online training and coaching, Also creating future events and retreats. 
So much to look forward to!

Lilly Lenord

My Daughter and my biggest Pole and Lyra Inspiration
Lilly stared pole when she was 7 years old hanging around at our studio while I worked. She would much prefer to try the pole tricks or hang upside down on the lyra or silks while I was teaching students other than homework. 
As Lilly grew and became more and more amazing, I took her on stage with me  to perform as a guest performance at Pole Expressions in 2017. Onward from this Lilly found a love for the stage. 
Since then Lilly has still performed as a guest performer with me and our performance troupe again at Pole Expressions,  QLD Pole Championships, and Pole Theatre Amateur QLD.
Lilly also started competing, her very first competition she won which built her desire for more. 
Lilly's Competition achievements
First Place Grass Roots 2017
First Place Pole Champion Series 2018
Second Place Grass Roots 2018
Second Place Pole Champion Series 2019
National competitor doubles with mum 2019
First Place Doubles with Libby Pole Expressions 2019
Third Place Little Lyras at Miss Lyra QLD 2019
National Competitor Miss Lyra 2019
Third place Miss Lyra 2021
 Bend The Air Advanced 2022
1st Place Pole Expressions Amateur 2022
To date, Lilly is a teacher of pole at Vigour Pole Studio
Lilly has trained competitors for Lyra and Pole Competitions.