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Most students who come to try pole dancing for beginners tell us that they want to try pole dancing or aerials classes because they are bored with the gym, or their normal fitness regime, they don’t use their gym membership, and lack motivation there. Some ladies have just lost themselves in the day to day life and would like some "me time" again and want to re-gain confidence and feel good  or inspired again. 

Some people who come to pole or aerial class have not exercised ever, or for a very long time, and may have had time off to have babies, or have just been super busy and forgotten to do something for themselves. We have ladies and gentlemen who are of all shapes, sizes, fitness abilities and ages from 14 to in their 60’s. To answer a very common question- no there is no weight limit on our poles, and we have several plus-sized ladies who do amazing things on the pole too! 

Many people come to us on their own, but don’t worry, you make friends very quickly. You are all in the same boat, and usually everyone feels a little nervous the first couple of times they come to the studio.

In a for beginners class we ease you into things. We take you through a warm-up at the start of the class, to prepare your body. Then we move onto the spins and climbs for pole and entries and tricks for aerials, we learn a couple of tricks in a class, and then put into a fun routine at the end of the term taught by your instructor. Each class concludes with a cool down and stretching.

Everyone is taught at their own level, so there is no stress on trying to keep up with each other, It's your journey.

No dance, Fitness, gymnastic or flexibility background? No problem- we don’t expect you to dance like Beyonce, or have muscles like Hercules, we just want you to have fun, build confidence, meet friends, and enjoy learning something new for yourself. Beginner Information



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