Pole-Ex (stretch n Flex)

Not quite flexible enough to do the pole moves or dance moves you would like?
This fabulous class concentrates on  flexibility exercises specific to  Pole Dancing, also beneficial for other dancers, gymnasts, martial arts, and everyday life.
Every Dancer wants flat splits not only on the ground but up in the air. This class also focuses on lengthening and strengthening leg and hip muscles and give you many different active and static stretches to reach your goal.
Stretching is a to gain full body extension some of the exercises in class we will use a pole as a tool to aid you in stretching. focusing on warming up the body correctly and providing tips to maximize your stretching and gain flexibility in your back and splits.
And of course Balance is important in general everyday life, not to mention goes hand in hand with core strength. It is beneficial for control when learning or fine-tuning dance moves.